Clarity B-SCHOOL teaches you
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You want to become your own boss, but don’t know where to start? You want to follow your passion, but don’t know how to turn your creativity into a business? You’re unhappy with your job and are seeking a more fulfilling life? You want to create a business that aligns with you, but you’re confused about what it is that you actually want and what best fits your personality and ideal lifestyle?

I feel your pain! Because I have been there for a long time… too long! I built businesses over the past 12 years and put my personal life on hold to be fully dedicated to my career - but! despite business successes I was never happy with my work. I started to not only question myself but my entire life and what the heck I’m doing with it. Who am I? What is my purpose? What am I seeking to learn in life? What is it that makes me happy? How can I live an authentic life and step into my full potential? Introducing spiritual practises and neuroscientific techniques into my life brought clarity and helped me realised that I had spent over a decade of my life working on someone else’s dreams. The businesses that I created were based on other people’s opinions on what I should do and what I shouldn’t do. The companies that I had created, ironically, had very little to do with me - my values, my purpose and my ambitions.

The agony of choice - what do I want?

Today, the internet makes it very easy to learn new skills and to start a business on anything! But the price of endless possibilities is the agony of choice. What if you’re unclear about your business idea? What if you don’t know what you actually want? How can you make decision if you’re tapping in the dark? The short answer is: You can’t. And nobody can make these decisions for you either. Only you have the power to know what is right for you, and anyone who tells different is simply wrong.

Thus, when it comes to building a business and ultimately designing your life it is absolutely essential to get to know yourself first to move towards goals that make you happy and allow you to live a happy and fulfilling life with purpose. Sure, you can build a business that is successful without the foundation work of self-discovery but it’s pretty much guaranteed that money alone won’t satisfy you. And, eventually you will become utterly unhappy about the life you live and how you spend your time on things that don’t matter to you. I designed Clarity B-School to save you years of time working on the wrong business that will lead you to nothing but stress, anxiety and unhappiness. Instead we will dig deep into your subconscious to get you directly to your “fruit bowl” :)

Minimise your risk to build a business that you love!

If you want to take the shortcut of creating a business that is not only successful but fulfilling, Clarity B-School is for you. Don’t waste a decade of your time, like I did, working on the wrong business idea. Do your foundation work to get it right the first time.

The Clarity B-SCHOOL masterclass is for you!

I designed the Clarity B-School training programs and workshops to enable you to become clear about what you want and how you can align your business with your values, your creativity and your ideal lifestyle. Whether you’re thinking of starting a business, are in the midst of launching your business or running your business for years, with Clarity B-School you will develop a stronger sense of self and clear understanding on how to achieve your goals directly, without u-turns! And it doesn’t end here! I will also guide you on creating a strong business idea that is perfect for you and we will work together on creating your individual business action plan that will become your compass to launch your business. After Clarity B-School you will be in your authentic power and you will have all the business know-how that you need to start and run your business successfully.

Clarity B-SCHOOL

In the upcoming 5 Week Clarity B-School Masterclass
you'll learn to start & grow your business!

  • Receive clarity with Clarity B-School

    Receive clarity on who you are & what you want

    We will uncover your heart’s desires and life purpose. We will use neuroscience techniques to remove fear, doubts and any thoughts that hold you back to step into your authentic power and to live your life in alignment with your personality, passion & purpose.

  • Gain confidence with Clarity B-School

    Gain confidence to start your business

    Lack of confidence is the number one cause for holding us back in pursuing what we truly desire. “I don’t deserve this”, “I can’t do this”, “I’m not smart enough” are common thoughts that make us feel stuck and powerless. In this 5 week masterclass you will discover your inner strength and wisdom. You will become confident in starting your own business.

  • Discover what work excites you with Clarity B-School

    Discover what work excites you

    We’ll explore what you’re truly passionate about and how you can turn your passion into a viable business that supports your desired lifestyle and aligns with your values, your purpose and your heart’s desires.

  • Fall in love with a business idea with Clarity B-School

    Fall in love with a business idea!

    Let’s create a business idea that is utterly you! Now that you’ve done the foundation work, you’ll be very clear on what your business will look like, what works for you and what doesn’t. In this module, you will create a business idea that you love! Moreover you will learn how to validate your business idea to create a strong product or service offer.

  • Turn your business idea into a real business with Clarity B-School

    Turn your business idea into a real business!

    Together we will create your business action plan that is doable for you! It includes very practical steps that enable you to make progress real fast. With clarity, confidence and focus you will know which tasks to work on next. The business action plan will be your compass to launch your business and to get your first customers.

  • Launch your business with Clarity B-School

    Join the 5 Week Clarity B-School Masterclass!

    Our upcoming 5 Week Clarity B-School Masterclass starts on Thursday, 7th of June 2018. As this is an interactive workshop where we’ll work together in a small group, the spots are strictly limited. If you’re interested in joining this masterclass, register now to secure your spot!

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How do I join Clarity B-SCHOOL?

All Clarity B-School workshops are hosted by The Little Space at Bondi Junction, Sydney. If you’re interested in joining Clarity B-School, you can register to any upcoming workshops online. As spaces are limited, don’t wait too long! You made it to the Clarity B-School website, so clearly you are thinking about starting your business. And I think, you are ready for it!

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