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What is Clarity B-SCHOOL?

Clarity B-School offers training programs and workshops that will enable you to become very clear about what you want and how to get it. You will gain clarity and confidence to create and launch a business that is truly aligned with you and your ideal lifestyle.

Whether you’re thinking of starting a business, are in the midst of launching your business or running your business for years, with Clarity B-School you will develop a stronger sense of self and clear understanding on how to achieve your business goals.

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What is Clarity B-School
Is Clarity B-School for me?

Is Clarity B-School for me?

Clarity B-School is for you if you’re uncertain about your business idea, you’re overwhelmed by the information on how to start a business and you’re questioning whether you can pull it off.

Clarity B-School is for you if working for others is simply not an option any longer and you’re seeking to understand how you can use your creativity and skills in your own business.

Clarity B-School is for you if you’re ready to start a revealing journey on who you are and how you can create a business that not only pays the bills but empowers you to live a fulfilling life with passion, growth and purpose.

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Who teaches Clarity B-SCHOOL?

Hi! My name is Katrin Suess. In the past 12 years I have founded 4 businesses and consulted 50+ startups in the USA, Europe and Australia. Despite being an entrepreneur, startup mentor and business consultant for over a decade, my true passion lies in neuroscience and spiritual practises to live an authentic and fulfilling life. I created Clarity B-School to merge my business know-how and passion to enable entrepreneurs to discover their true potential and powerful self to build companies that align with their personality, passion & purpose.

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Katrin Suess
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How do I join Clarity B-SCHOOL?

All Clarity B-School workshops are hosted by The Little Space at Bondi Junction, Sydney. If you’re interested in joining Clarity B-School, you can register to any upcoming workshops online. As spaces are limited, don’t wait too long! You made it to the Clarity B-School website, so clearly you are thinking about starting your business. And I think, you are ready for it!

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